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Foster Imposters

The Foster Imposters® will try just about anything to become Foster Farms chickens, but for all of their efforts they just never make the grade. The infamous, junk-food eating duo, stars of Foster Farms commercials since the early '90s, are known for their bumbling, hilarious attempts to pass themselves off as fresh Foster Farms chickens. Since hitting the airwaves in 1993, the Imposters have starred in more than 19 different commercials.

Recently the Imposters came back from a vacation in Las Vegas in a Snit . They were there to see the David Strassman "Dummy" show at the Golden Nugget , and were involved in a ruckus with some other dummies in the audience .

Drunk and anxious to get out of the Casino before the cops came , they mistakenly left in a Snit , instead of the Huff they originally came in , and that's when the trouble started .

Seems as though a couple of Clamper Dummies who originally came to the Casino in the Snit , had to take off in the Huff , and followed the Foster Imposters to their latest photo shoot for this web page . The Clamper Dummies both threatened a lawsuit by a famous Dickhead attorney for stealing their Snit , but settled for a spot in the photo which , by the way , has since been rejected for use on television .

The two Clamper Dummies were last seen leaving in their usual Snit , and were headed for Artesia . Seems as though the smaller hairy Clamper Dummy has some unfinished business to take care of before he has to drop off the big ugly dummy at The Sierra Valley Tri-Chapter doins the second weekend in April.

The Foster Imposters were invited to join this secret society known as
"E Clampus Vitus" , but both chickened out .

To learn more about the future adventures of these two asshole Clamper Dummies , go somewhere's else , and stay off this web site .

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